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A People Insights Business

Talent and Labour Market Intelligence which transforms businesses

We blend people data and research with strategic expertise to empower organisation leaders to make fact-based people decisions which improves performance and achieves business goals.

  • Organisational Structures 
  • Job Role Definition and Benchmarking
  • Labour Market, Geographic and Socio-Economic Research
  • Remuneration and Reward Research 
  • Employee Surveys
  • Employer Brand Perception
  • Attrition Analysis
  • Diversity Benchmarking
  • Personality Profiling
  • Candidate Experience Surveys
  • Post Covid-19 Strategic Insights

Organisational Structures 

To ensure that your organisation design helps your business to operate efficiently and effectively, we offer a range of expertise to ensure your structure is aligned to your core strategies. 

From review of your current structure to conducting labour market and competitor research, we provide a flexible approach to informing your business with data, analysis and advice. 

Job Role Definition & Benchmarking

We will create a point of reference against which your roles can be compared and assessed.  We will analyse existing jobs utilising your internal documents and provide consultative feedback to create a matrix of skills, experience and competencies from which we conduct internal and external benchmarking. 

Our ability to interpret your information and gather external data ensures that you can create job roles and job descriptions which underpin business goals and recruitment, development and performance review workstreams.

Salary, Benefits & Reward Benchmarking

In order that business leaders create competitive and affordable pay and benefits packages, we provide role specific data and insights which highlight trends at skill, sector, geography and company level providing you with more relevant information than generic salary survey reports.

Our blend of macro and micro data analysis enables you to benchmark more effectively through the utilisation of evidence-based insight relative to your company and the skills you employ. 

Labour Market, Geographic & Socio-Economic Research

To support decision making concerning relocation, reshaping of the organisation, new sites or recruitment campaigns, we conduct extensive labour market research. 

Our ability to gather and analyse data enables business leaders to consider employment, skills, unemployment, socio-economic, education, earnings and people demographics at local, regional and country level to shape long term people and business strategies.

Attrition Analysis

Understanding why your employees are leaving your business will help you to create strategies which retain your best people and be aware of the likelihood of an employee departure.  We will analyse your leaver data and interview former employees to establish the factors which influenced their decision to leave. 

Our deeper analysis will highlight key trends including: tenure, role, gender, age, department, new role and new employer; presenting you with a clear understanding and the opportunity to create proactive retention strategies.

Engagement Surveys & Employee Feedback

We gather feedback from your employees which tells you how they feel about working for you and our consultative approach provides you with analysis and advice which enhances your engagement strategies to drive productivity and reduce turnover. 

From surveys to confidential interviews and focus groups, our ability to gain and present independent insight will help you make effective and evidence-based decisions to improve the employee experience.

Employer Brand Perception

The perception an individual holds about your company will influence their decision to work for it. We help you to understand what your employees and those in the candidate market know and think about working for you.

Our Researchers conduct online and telephone interviews with talent audiences to understand their pre-conceptions of your organisation as an employer, bringing to life what matters to them, what they are looking for in a new employer and what motivates them in life.  Our analysis and independent recommendations include a clear action plan and personas for the key and critical talent you are looking to hire and retain, helping you to be far more accurate and targeted with resourcing and retention activities.

Diversity & Equality Benchmarking

We will help your business to understand how your organisation compares with others, helping you to understand if you are in line with latest legislation, competitors and your own strategic goals. 

From analysing employee data to external research, we will provide you with the insight to ensure effective benchmarking is conducted to achieve business goals and create a more diverse workforce. 

Personality Profiling & Ability Testing

For team analysis, hiring or succession planning, it’s valuable to know all you can about an individual.  How do they benchmark against the market?  How are they likely to behave?  What culture they will prosper in?   

We offer a range of personality testing which increases objectivity that can reduce bias, decrease unwanted attrition and uncover hidden strengths & weaknesses in your employees and candidates. Whilst our ability tests can drill down to the core skills for a role and help you to understand development needs or skills gaps.

Candidate Experience Surveys

Candidates, like employees, should be employer brand advocates for your organisation. The experience they have during a recruitment process not only affects them, but is likely spread though their own networks and online review sites often having a long term impact on how prospective candidates and customers view your business.

Research has suggested that job applicants who do not receive a job offer are 80 percent more likely to apply again if they already had a positive impression of the hiring organisation and regardless of whether they get a job offer, applicants who are satisfied with their candidate experience are more than twice as likely to recommend the hiring organization to others, compared with those who were not satisfied.

Cogito offer a range of services to measure and manage the experience of applicants to your organisation, offering insight into points of increased and decreased disengagement, coupled with consultative solutions to the issues identified supported by actionable insights.

Post Covid-19 Strategic Insights

As businesses start to turn their minds towards a time when they re-introduce furloughed workers and bring homeworkers back to the office, we know that HR and Business Leaders are keen to create effective re-engagement strategies.

We have created a range of services using the very best of our market leading research and strategic expertise which will help you to understand what your employees want, feel and need, and what has changed.

Our independence helps us to gather sensitive and confidential feedback which individuals may not be comfortable sharing directly with their employer.
This enables us to present underlying and less open opinion and feelings to you, giving you total confidence in the insight.

Our Insights

Our insights are presented in board report style or dynamic online dashboards and tailored to your needs.

We do not operate a tick box approach, we create solutions which focus upon the problems you are trying to solve and we work closely you to create bespoke reporting outputs which deliver unrivalled people insights. 

Our consultative approach enables us to utilise our insight to create fact based recommendations and strategic advice to help you make better decisions which improve your business.

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