People Analytics

Attrition Analysis

Understanding why your employees are leaving your business will help you to create strategies which retain your best people and be aware of the likelihood of an employee departure.  We will analyse your leaver data and interview former employees to establish the factors which influenced their decision to leave. 

Our deeper analysis will highlight key trends including: tenure, role, gender, age, department, new role and new employer; presenting you with a clear understanding and the opportunity to create proactive retention strategies.

Diversity Insights

We will help your business to understand how your organisation compares with competitors and the employment market, helping you to understand if you are in line with latest legislation, competitors and your own strategic goals.

From analysing employee data to external research, we will provide you with the insight to ensure effective benchmarking is conducted to achieve business goals and create a more diverse workforce.

High Performer Profiling

We help businesses to understand what good looks like within the organisation.  We work in close collaboration with you, providing insights and recommendations which contributes to your organisations performance.

Business Leaders and HR are empowered to incorporate findings into the People Strategy; scientifically developing retention, assessment and attraction strategies and development programmes which really, understand talent.

We use a range of metrics, analytic reporting and frameworks to measure behaviours and personality.   We combine this data with insight into career background, demographics and needs & wants of your high achievers to create talent profiles.   

We will evidence to you; what roles your future high achievers are likely to be currently fulfilling, what would make them stay with you or attract them to your organisation, what they are motivated by and what high achievers want from their career.

Virtual Data Analyst

Accurate and timely people data enables HR and their major stakeholders to measure and report key workforce concepts, such as performance, well-being, productivity, innovation and alignment.

This in turn enables more effective evidence-based decisions by strategic business functions.

We help businesses without dedicated data analytics skills to demonstrate the impact that HR policies and processes have on workforce and organisational performance, helping to demonstrate the return-on-investment of HR initiatives.  We offer; Data & Reporting Health Check, Data Collation/Harmonisation and Reporting Frameworks, Data Analysis and Board Reporting Packs.

HR leaders are increasingly interested in improving HR effectiveness and efficiency, our Virtual HR Data Analyst is an important way in which HR teams can evaluate and improve people and business performance

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