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Talent mapping should form an integral part of a broader talent management strategy, enabling organisations to assess their existing skills while identifying those required for the future.

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Through both internal recruitment teams and external recruitment providers we’re experiencing growing interest around our talent mapping offering. It’s clear that the value in candidate intelligence is becoming more obvious to organisations who want to gain the greatest return on their recruitment investment.

Rather than sitting back and waiting for the ideal candidates to come to you, talent mapping enables your organisation to take a proactive approach in sourcing, engaging and hiring talent for either single or multiple roles. Assessing your future talent requirements and enabling you to effectively appraise the skills and viability of your workforce, talent mapping will allow you to establish if they meet the future needs of your business.

Through evidence based reporting will give you a comprehensive understanding of the candidate market, knowing who candidates are, where they work and what they earn and will include the following.

  • Insight around candidate reporting lines and structures, telling you where they sit in their organisation plus the organisation itself.
  • Candidate motivators and drivers allowing you to understand what makes them tick and how best to engage them. 
  • Salary insights – evidencing how can you ensure your financial package is both fair and competitive
  • Industry best practice enabling you to benchmark your own resourcing and organisational design decisions.

How do we do it?

Following a detailed brief our research team will identify individuals who match the role and person specification; unlike job advertisements which only attract active candidates, we will also discover and engage with passive talent – those individuals who are too busy being great to look for another job. 

In our approaches to individuals we will discover role and company fit, along with deeper insights into their suitability for the role compared to other candidates and interest in working for you.  The data we gather to create this insight will be gained through telephone calls which will enable our researchers to understand why individuals are not interested or what would make them interested in working for your organisation.

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