Salary and Reward Benchmarking 

Evidence-Based Decision Making

In order that business leaders create competitive and affordable salary and reward packages, we provide role specific data and insights which highlight trends at skill, sector, geography and company level providing you with more relevant information than generic salary survey reports.

Our blend of macro and micro data analysis enables you to benchmark more effectively through the utilisation of evidence-based insight relative to your company and the skills you employ.

How has this helped other businesses?

Read how we helped a Property development organisation ensure that they have an enticing proposition when they took their role to market.

Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Telephone Based Research

Cogito will present the salary and reward benchmarking report, which will include all relevant remuneration information where available. Market remuneration analysis including averages by role, distributions of salaries and a breakdown of your market position and competitiveness by percentile. This detailed analysis allows you to better understand how your proposition, in terms of pay, fits within candidate expectations and other employers offerings. Our findings are then presented back in an interactive dashboard and pdf report.

Desk Based Research

Cogito’s research team will collate relevant remuneration data from previously completed projects and industry contacts. This primary data will then be combined with open-source data points, including other published salary surveys and data collected from industry bodies. These data points are then combined and weighted towards the most trustworthy and relevant sources.

As we work through the desk-based research, we will also conduct calls on spotlighted roles and those that may have flagged some nuances.

Benefits of Salary & Reward Benchmarking

Benefits of Salary & Reward Benchmarking

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s salary structure, enabling you to create an accurate profile of your company.
  • Save time and money with accurate data.
  • Compare your salary offerings to your competitors.
  • Take what is working across the industry and apply it to your business.
  • Make evidence-based decisions upon salary budgeting.
  • Compare the salaries across the market and similar industries.
  • This comparison allows you to adjust your salaries accordingly.
  • It highlights performance measures and processes.
  • It helps attract new talent.
  • It allows the implementation of improvements.
  • It improves employee retention.
  • It enables equal opportunities.

Report Content

We will present our insight in both aggregated and segmented cohorts, this enables us to highlight any underlying trends in roles. Our team will include people analytics and labour market research specialists with experience in utilising people insight to create highly effective strategies, which ensure businesses can create competitive employment propositions.

The findings of the report will be shared in either an interactive dashboard or pdf static report and will be presented in a ‘live’ video call, we consider that this is vital as we can bring the data to life and offer recommendations.

These recommendations will highlight the most common trends, important points and help you consider how you can improve the recruitment and retention of individuals who are key to the success of your organisation.

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“Thank you to Ruari, and his team at Cogito People Insights for the full review of our people salary benchmarking and benefits research. We have been very impressed with the data gathered and the in-depth analysis provided. Not only has this been produced on customisable dashboards, but the insights data presented to us provide us with total confidence. They will transform how we approach our salary reviews across the business.”

Lee Smith

Retail and HR Director, Russell & Bromley

Employee Insights – Arval

Employee Insights – Arval

Cogito were engaged by Arval, part of BNP Paribas, to determine what good looked like in relation to Sales and Customer Service employees.  Business leaders had expressed concern at increasing attrition in relation to talented individuals and a wider strategic...