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Our Mission

Help you answer the question: “Why should people choose to work for us as opposed to someone else?”

We offer a unique collaboration of unrivalled external brand research and extensive design consultancy. We provide a comprehensive end-to-end employer brand solution which helps businesses to improve performance.

We give you the external insights and tools to make your employer brand stand out, helping you to attract and retain the right people.

Your Challenges

Our global fashion client required a Talent Mapping solution to support the recruitment of a Pensions Director and wanted to gain an insightful view of UK candidate market for this skill. Whilst technical fit was important our client was keen to ensure that cultural fit featured heavily in the applicants, as such they wanted to engage with candidates earlier in the process than usually conducted with the use of external partners.

Our Solutions

Marc to add in

External Audience Research

Employee Focus Groups

Workforce Survey

Executive Interviews

Competitor Analysis


Our Insight

  • Shortlisted Candidates
  • Market Insight Delivered
  • Best-Fit Ranking Achieved
  • Reduced Costs

“The depth and quality of insight provided by Cogito to assist our search for a Pensions Director has been exceptional. Their ability to understand not only the skill but type of person we needed gave us full confidence that they were the right partner. The standard of shortlisted candidates was of the highest standard and we look forward to engaging them on future mapping projects”

Head of Recruitment

Within 2 weeks our client received a detailed mapping report comprising of 11 shortlisted candidates and other profiles of individuals who either declined interest or failed to make the final shortlist.

The provision of information beyond the shortlisted candidates ensured that our client gained a broader view of the market than traditional search partners had delivered. Technical, Competency and Value responses to key questions for shortlisted candidates enabled the ranking of these in order of best fit helping the client to prioritise the order of engagement. Our client was able to conduct its market insight for just a third of the cost of the use of a head-hunter.

How would analytical insight benefit your recruitment?

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