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Our Mission

Cogito are engaged by some of the world’s largest businesses to conduct talent mapping projects around the supporting of specialist senior level recruitment. Providing data and support around the recruitment of pivotal roles within these global businesses, our processes ensure a seamless process towards finding and onboarding specialist senior talent in challenging executive roles.

Our Solution

Our talent mapping solution consists of 3 main phases:

1.Identification of post holders in relevant organisations (Size, Structure, Services and Sector) to create the Market Map

2.Confidential engagement to establish Propensity to Move, Motivators and Drivers, Skills & Experience and Package expectations to form the qualified Longlist

3. Face to Face competency interviews establishing deeper assessment of individuals for the role, presented as a Shortlist candidate report

Beyond the mapped talent, our analytical team identify talent trendsĀ  which reveal the underlying pattern of the senior candidate market to support broader organisational design programmes, including

  • Career Mobility which highlights the propensity of people moving up, sidewards or down in role and whether they move internally or externally
  • Average Tenure which shows the length of time in which people remain in roles which supports earlier engagement with candidates
  • Salary and Bonus

Outputs Delivered

Our talent mapping programmes deliver a benchmark for senior candidates, against which we are able to deploy internal and external applicants applicant. Our programmes enable our clients to meet their talent needs and reduce overall headhunting spend across the board

How would analytical insight benefit your recruitment?

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