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A tactical solution to ensure short term hiring needs are met through a dedicated project solution. We are responsible for all recruitment process management from attraction to screening and offer management, allowing your HR and Recruiters to focus on alternative vacancies and the assessment phases of the recruitment process. 

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We dedicate a Project Delivery Team to work as an extension of your recruitment team focusing upon the attraction and submission of candidates to fulfil live positions and create talent pipelines for future vacancies; those individual not seeking to make a career move at this time

At the end of the project all candidates interested in working for you either immediately or in the future are submitted to you without charge.

What makes our approach even more unique is our ability to enhance your future attraction methods as we provide you greater market awareness from our detailed reporting including market insights, awareness and perception of your employer brand, pay and benefits, intelligence and recruitment performance.

This is for you if you’re looking for…

  1. You have limited inhouse recruitment capacity or capability to meet the needs of the business
  2. Want to engage with high quality talent quickly
  3. Want greater talent insights
  4. Traditional recruitment methods are too costly or not working
  5. Want a partner, not a transactional provider

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