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Talent Pipelines

Building talent pipelines sees us identify, engage and present the very best candidates for your organisation to build direct relationships with to fulfil immediate and future hiring.

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Following a detailed brief, we source, attract and engage with external candidates on your behalf, delivering insight rich pipelines of prequalified and interested talent. We’ll ensure you have a relationship in place with those you’re looking to attract both now and for the future, empowering you to hire again and again but with NO placement fees attached.

Whether it’s a role that needs immediately filling, a new position that’s been created, a key employee suddenly resigning or a rapidly expanding business – building talent pipelines enables you to nurture candidate relationships so you can respond most effectively regardless of the situation.

Building talent pipelines is THE progressive shift from reactive to proactive recruiting. With an engaged and qualified pipeline in place no search starts from scratch, drastically reducing both cost and time to hire.

How do we do it?

Following a detailed brief our research team will identify individuals who match the role and person specification; unlike job advertisements which only attract active candidates, we also discover and engage with passive talent – those individuals who are too busy being great to look for another job. 

In our approaches to individuals we discover role and company fit, along with deeper insights into their suitability for the role compared to other candidates and interest in potentially working for you.  The data we gather to create this insight is gained through telephone calls enabling our researchers to understand why individuals are not interested or what potentially would make them interested in working for you.

We will provide you with a pool of interested and prequalified candidates along with insightful data and analysis improving both future attraction and role proposition. 

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